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you take my hand just to give it back

cause now that i can see you i don't think your worth a secound glance

my hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me, so won't you kill me so i die happy

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Feb 15, 2004
This is to you...

If youve ever noticed me
i wish youd let me know
im screaming from the inside
yet you dont seem to hear
im staring straight into your eyes
yet you dont seem to see
i dont know how to get to you
the way you get to me
the funny thing is
you dont even try
but the harder i try
the farther you move away
no, you dont try
you dont care either
it doesnt mean a thing to you
if im subject to your every whim
i dont exist to you do i?
if youve ever noticed me
i wish youd just let me know

Posted at 01:25 pm by bsktballgirl12
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Feb 14, 2004
valentines day blows

Ever felt like the biggest moron in the world... yea that feelins been pretty common lately.. 

why do i always fool myself into thinking he'll feel for me the way i feel
for him??  i think i have officially lost my mind!

dont make somone your priority, when you're only their option...i think i've finally realized that i'll never be as important to you as she is.....atleast i hope i have

oh yea kids...i think this whole eric thing is over, uh, i don't think he likes me anymore or w/e...idk about him anymore, he's not that easy to read

my valentines day consisted of me playin basketball and watching basketball, then to come home and watch shows we taped that i haven't gotten a chance to watch...uh...valentines day blows

Posted at 06:13 pm by bsktballgirl12
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Feb 11, 2004
I love this kid...

tythehunk00: Speaking of refrigerators.
tythehunk00: I was considering becoming a full-time pirate

lol tyler...your the coolest

Posted at 07:18 pm by bsktballgirl12
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Feb 9, 2004



Posted at 07:05 pm by bsktballgirl12
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"Sick day"

well kids...i didn't go to school today, i sat around and ate and watched tv..oh yea...and i did the wreched Iliad project...IM DONE!!

im not it a typin mood....i'll write something later this week

Posted at 06:46 pm by bsktballgirl12
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Feb 7, 2004
USHH good, Geometry bad

I got a 96 on my USHH test (us history honors).....which is REALLY good

but i got a 74 on my geometry test? he said we were guna talk about the test and i might get a higher grade....cause i told the kid i didn't understand, but no! he gave me the test to fail!

yesterday we played salem academy, good stuff.  their rather rough and mean, but thats ok we won.  I think i played that game harder than i have anyother and took more of a beating from the other team than anyother...my legs were like sore after the game, and that like never happens

well today im just gunna be drivin kids around (the parents and adam)

tonight im gunna go see "STOMP" (where they make music with like trash cans and broom sticks and stuff) im extrememly excited

oh yea...eric :-)

Posted at 05:55 am by bsktballgirl12
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Feb 5, 2004
16 baby!

oh yea..guess who scored 16 points today!  yeap we beat gospel light again, mad fun

im out for the night....

Posted at 07:28 pm by bsktballgirl12
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Feb 3, 2004
Long time....

Man i haven't written in this forever.  ok uh....i went to wilmington with the Varsity teams (we had a game).  Both of us won..great fun.  The varsity girls went to golden corral after the games around like 10 and i convinced heather to give the guy that made and handed out the sausages (we called him sausage boy) her number and s/n and e-mail addy, but she never heard from him :-(  o well...long distance things never work!

then my birthday was sunday...woohoo.  Then the panthers freakin lost

and...uh....we had a game monday and we won...we had a game today and we lost

and yea thats about it...school is annoying and i haven't seen martha in like freakin ages

bye kids

go to this site...

Posted at 06:13 pm by bsktballgirl12
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Jan 28, 2004
eh...cabin fever

i swear im gunna go crazy by tomorrow...i don't have one day of school this week!  which i guess is good, but i miss my kids at salem.   the past two days i have been very unproductive (if thats even a word).  well sunday (or was it monday?) night i talked to ryan and he made me feel better, im not quite sure how...but w/e he made me feel better thats all that matters!  then last night i talked to one of my best guy friends (yes, only friend nothing more!) terry and he told me how much he loves and cares about me and that just made me feel great to hear someone tell me that. I LOVE YOU TERRY!

well today pretty much consists of me saying that im going to be productive and do stuff and not do them, then im gunna eat and watch TV!

i feel sad and kind of alone, but i don't know why.

QUESTION OF THE DAY : Why do people want what they can't have?

eh..oh yea, my birthday is gunna be so great *sarcasim*...all i wanna do is be with my friends (and family of course), but nooo that doesn't end up workin out now does it, im stuck at home watchin the freakin super bowl

Posted at 09:18 am by bsktballgirl12
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Jan 26, 2004
my first entry

life has been pretty crazy lately...and as you will come to see, its normally crazy in itself.  all my life i've never thought i was good enough.  i've always been the really busy one.  playin sports, being in clubs, and doin all other kinds of extracurricular activities.  i guess i come off to people as a very self-confident person that knows exactly what they want and how they want it....not me.  no one really knows the real me.  well except for martha (my best frand).  i want to open up to people but normally their the ones opening up to me and telling me how they feel.  i hope somehow i can open up atleast through this blog thing...

ok...now aout my weekend!
friday was homecoming..i was on homecoming court...w00t w00t!  martha and caleb and luke came, and then the frands from salem were there of course, i had some mad fun.  then saturday morning me daniel and my dad drove up to the mtns to meet up with my youth group to go snowboarding (we were stayin at my grandparents place).  we snowboarded @ ski beech at the twilight time thing...afternoon and night, me and daniel hung out like the whole time in the mtns well we always snowboard together cause we are at pretty much the same skill level...anyways, durrin lunch that day we decided we had to come back saturday night instead of sunday morning cause of the weather...so we went ahead and boarded (or skiied) the night away, and my board broke in the process, but i didn't feel like stoppin just yet.  then we left at about 11:30 so we got home about 2 in the mornin.  

so now im sitting here on a freakin snow day writin in this thing.

oh yea.....there's this one guy, yea he's pretty cool, his name is eric, we don't go out or anything, we're just friends but yea....he's great, i love him to death

Posted at 03:25 am by bsktballgirl12
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